YES! Skal passe min nevø!


Så blev det sagorneme fredag igen, og den er vel ankommet allerede. Denne arbejdsuge er fløjet afsted med 1000 km i timen. Det er ikke fordi det er negativt, for hvem elsker ikke weekenderne? Det gør jeg i hvert fald.

Min søster ringede her til morges og spurgte, om jeg ikke kunne hjælpe hende med at passe min nevø her i weekenden. Det ville jeg selvfølgelig gerne, så nu har jeg en dejlig afslappet weekend. Jeg elsker at passe min nevø, han er simpelthen bare sådan en lille guldklump.

Marry poppins

Jeg føler mig helt som hende der nanny’en Marry Poppins, når jeg sådan får lov til at passe børn. Det er aldrig kedeligt at passe børn, for du kan være helt sikker på, at der aldrig sker det samme. Der kan virkelig ske de sjoveste små ting, når man har med små børn at gøre. Det er som om at man er fra en helt anden planet, når man sådan er en lille purk.

Heldigvis er han lige blevet gammel nok til, at jeg ikke skal tænke på at skifte ham, og alt det der. Han er også stoppet med at bruge ammepude, og alt det der, som hører til når man lige er lidt yngre.

Jeg skal lige love jer for, at han havde travlt med at fortælle mig, at han havde lært at stå op og tisse sidste gang jeg så ham, haha. Han er simpelthen det sjoveste.


New iphone 5 Characteristics and Specifications

The iPhone 5 is one of the most innovative smartphones money can buy. Its full of superb applications, cutting edge attributes and an industry-leading design that Apple is so famed for.

Allows take a peek at a few of the best features and specifications up to speed:
iPhone 5 Camera
The iPhone 5 features an 8-megapixel camera with an f/2.4 aperture, backside illuminated CMOS sensor with amethyst crystal glass for enhanced protection and quality as well as a dynamic low light function that enables even better nipping in dimly-lit settings. What’s More, it records movies in full high definition at 1080p.
The camera application itself was enhanced, also, using a Panorama style that enables you catch widescreen vistas more readily in around 28-megapixel answers. The camera, on the flip side, is capable of making and saving video calls in HD.
iPhone 5 Processor
In the center of the iPhone 5 rests the new, quicker, snappier A6 chip that brings twice the CPU performance of the nick that showcased in the iPhone 4S, and twice the images running brawn, also.
As a result, the iPhone 5 is now able to run much more complex applications and immersive 3D games that werent possible before. Web pages render much quicker as well and there is no lag or slowdown when loading apps and navigating menus.
iPhone 5 Screen
For the first period in the iPhones illustrious history, the 5 houses a larger, four inch Retina display thats easily the hands crown jewel. Plus a 16: 9 wide-screen ratio thats ideal for movie playback, it has 44 per cent more colour vividness, an eyepopping 1136 x 640 decision as well as a 326ppi pixel density.
As far as displays move, the iPhone 5 has inarguably the best smart-phone screen available.
iPhone 5 Layout – what does it seem like?
Fashioned from sturdy Gorilla Glass and anodised aluminium, the iPhone 5 is billed as the slimmest smartphone, measuring an unbelievable 7.6mm thin and weighing only 112 grams – making it 18 per cent slimmer and 20 per cent lighter than the iPhone 4S.
Boasting a similar slab like form factor, round sides as well as a metal bezel as the iPhone 4S, teamed with the minimalist aesthetics and construction that are becoming the hallmark of Apple items, the 5 is actually a bit of technology heaven.

iPhone 5 connection
New Lightning Dock Connector
The Telia iPhone 5S features a new, smaller dock connector dubbed Lightning thats 80 % narrower compared to the old 30 pin port that showcased on its predecessors. That is an 8-signal, reversible connector thats capable of transferring information and charging the mobile even faster than before.
4G Long-term Evolution (LTE)
The iPhone 5 is the first Apple smartphone to expose the super fast 4G LTE. This is the latest generation mobile system standard that permits quicker data rates than before – up-to 5 to 6 times more than 3G is able to.
Better still, 4G LTE brings a new function called HD Words, which gives even clearer, crisper phone quality.
Apple has applied just one radio chip that handles all of this with ease. Therefore, actually if you grab your iPhone 5 over a 3G network initially, youll have the ability to change to a 4G owner readily so long as handset is revealed.
iOS 6 and enhanced Siri words associate
The iPhone 5 includes the latest iOS 6 operating system from the box, which provides hundreds of new features and improvements to the system, one of them Facebook integration now baked into the application, an enhanced announcements bar and up-to-date versions of numerous native applications.
Siri, personal voice-directed assistant, has been enhanced with local-search capabilities for the UK, empowering you to look up restaurants together with critiques, cinema times and up-to-the-minute results of your own favorite sports teams by just using your words.
IOS 6 additionally adds Oranges own Maps application, that has a nifty feature giving you an eagle view of places and free, turn – by – turn voice – guided navigation powered by Tom-tom.IPhone 5 memory and colors
The 5 is available in black and white in three storage versions: the high end 64GB model, the mid-range 32GB version along with the entry-level 16GB product.
Admittedly paying full price for a mobile isn’t feasible for several. Thankfully, a wide variety of iPhone offers are offered to appreciably lower this outlay. For this reason we strongly recommend picking a strategy that saves you money both in the short and longterm. Use our comparison tables to get the very best deal that is right for you.

The Advantages Of Having A Responsive Web-design – And Just Why You Ought To Let Experts Do

The Advantages Of Having A Responsive Web-design – And Just Why You Ought To Let Experts Do

Technology is continuously evolving and you also have to determine your site based on the present trends. Just a few of years back, notebooks and backgrounds were chiefly used to get into the net and also make purchases on-line, yet this year, more individuals use various devices like smartphones and tablets also. These gadget’s resolutions, display sizes and capacities change enormously.

What Responsive Web-design Can Do For Your Own Internet site

With reactive web-design, developers design an individual website that will operate correctly across multiple devices, compared to conventional web design that demands the formation of numerous dedicated websites that will function for a particular screen size, operating setup, browser or platform. This is really a set of 5 advantages of reactive web-design.

1. Improved Site Management

A reactive web-design can be implemented with only an individual source-code set. Any changes will be produced in only one platform. Content management might be simpler and less timeconsuming. An individual content management interface will be implemented and it may be optimized by means of numerous layout and workflow tools. The assessment of re-designs and changes could even be executed easier. This could considerably reduce overhead costs too.

2. Easier Tracking

There’s a demand to observe the tendencies and keep an eye on how your site is doing, plus a responsive web site design could make that easier. With an individual receptive website, you don’t must track the data of two web sites. You just have to track clickthroughs and conversion paths within a website. The analytics will be presented within a study which may make evaluation easier as well.

3. More Effective SEO

SEO already takes up lots of time; you must always create or update content, perform researching the market and develop credibility to boost link construction. If a site doesn’t have a responsive website design SEO is normally stretched too thin. On-line company who don’t take advantage of a reactive web-design commonly manage two sites (one for normal users and one for mobile users), therefore the business must execute two different Search Engine Optimisation jobs. The resources must be shared or the jobs might be more expensive. There was in addition the danger of being flagged if not prohibited by the various search engines due to duplicate content. With reactive website design, there’s technically just one site, consequently there would be little danger of duplicate content and Search Engine Optimization jobs would become more streamlined.

4. Increased User-experience

This really is undeniably the most identifiable advantage of reactive web-design. When it’s implemented, site content would automatically adjust based on the measurement of the display along with the device’s attributes. This implies the website could be simpler to browse and the pages could be simpler to see on several different kinds of devices. The information will be shuffled, the pictures will be re-sized as well as the font size will be automatically adjusted to make certain optimum user-experience. There would maybe not be any have to implement re-directs also, because there would just be one site rather than two, along with the complete site load speed will be improved.

5. Higher Conversions

There would likewise be lower bounce rates – the amount of individuals who leave your website for assorted reasons, the most typical of that will be poor user experience. Visitors are far more than likely to see your website again also. Each one of these would result in increased profitability.

Enhance Your Company Prospects Through Responsive Web-design

That’s 11% of complete income. This amount is anticipated to develop at an exponential speed thinking about the growing amount of individuals who access the net through mobile phones. This isn’t merely restricted towards the UNITED States; it is really a world-wide phenomenon. Pill and Smart mobile sales and use are growing throughout the planet. Regardless of the first outlay, the rise in earnings outweighs the expense of implementing the system undoubtedly. Wherever your company could possibly be found, you’re prone to reap lots of advantages from reactive web-design.

Why You Ought To Get Professionals To Find The Job Done

Obviously, you really have the choice to understand web-development yourself, but could it be worth it? The largest barrier you’d need to confront is the fact that you’ll have to be a pro. Understanding how to do your-self to it and implementing the newest layout will be challenging and timeconsuming. A novice will make lots of errors too. It may be a great thought to let a website design professional do the work as an alternative.

An Invaluable Investment – It’s a fact that you simply initially must cover the design along with the execution, however as an expense a responsive web design shouldn’t be deemed; instead, it must be viewed as an investment. It might even be cheaper in the future due to overhead costs and significantly reduced maintenance.

Enables You To Concentrate On Core Business Aspects- Web development jobs are timeconsuming. Leaving them all to the control of experts would imply you will have significantly more time and energy to concentrate on crucial business aspects for example client satisfaction and product development.

Updated Info – In 2013, the amount of typical unique screen resolutions risen up to 232. They’re also designed with the newest in applications technology that will empower them to produce a design that will work for a variety of devices.

Yard Tips To Make LIfe Simpler For Any Beginning Gardener

It is really a fantastic procedure, but very generally, along with the new home comes a yard, once you become a brand new homeowner. For someone who might never have taken care of the backyard before, this could look very daunting. Most landscapes have got an outstanding region of yard, which should be maintained properly. The advice within this short article sets you on your own approach to getting a lawn that may impress such as the most fussy of neighbors!

To start with, you have to get the proper resources. Obviously, first thing that concerns brain is a lawn-mower. For a small lawn, the simplest kind to utilize is a simple push reel lawnmower. Remember though, that this is not acceptable for a large lawn, unless you need to pay the whole weekend mowing! Lots of people choose a gasoline or electric lawnmower for your average sized yard. If you have bought a home will a massive backyard, a ride-on lawnmower is a fantastic choice, but they are rather pricey. Yet another tool which is essential is often a rake for removing debris and thatch in the yard. A weed whacker is wonderful for cutting grass in difficult to arrive at locations, and on the edge of the lawn an edger may give a neat point. Additionally on that list for those who have a hedge about your house ought to become a hedge trimmer including the Garden Groomer to make life easier for you. Gartner til private

Within a period of period, organic debris and decomposed garden clippings could form in a lawn, creating thatch. If this seems like the fact, you’ll need to de-thatch the yard, as this makes a path for new development and enables water to permeate the grass. The perfect moment to accomplish that is in the springtime or autumn. For little yards you can use a de-thatching rake, but bigger or difficult areas may want an electric de-thatcher. These might be hired from most garden centers. Alternately, you may simply cut the lawn as normal, then rake in the other way compared to that of the mower. Lawn food is then applied by continue doing this twice at 90 degree angles to the original mowing,.

Aerating is important for practically any healthy garden. This is actually the process in making small breathing holes using a lawn aerator. It enables air to get to the beginnings, and water to saturate into your dirt. Furthermore, it breaks the thatch. After aerating, leave the plugs to the yard, and allow then to dry. If you mow them over, they’re going to breakdown. Lots of folks advocate walking above their lawn as being a method of aerating) and using golf shoes (or some kind of shoe with cleats. For many who possess an inferior lawn, this may be a reasonable alternative.

Sprinkling a lawn requires a whole lot of water, regularly as much as 80 percent of your complete external water use. If it absolutely needs it just water your yard. The lawn wants a drink, in the event that you understand the leaf blades beginning to curl just a little. The golden rule would be to water extensively using an effective sprinkler system. Frequent fast waterings will perform nothing except encourage undesirable weeds, rather than a small number of water will make it to your origins of the grass. Water early each morning and in the evening subsequent to the sun went down.

In case your lawn has yellow spots, the possibilities are it requires serving. A yard with a lack of nutritional elements may begin to appear jaundiced right away. This might simply be repaired by using dry lawn fertilizer, but never use it during a drought, since it’ll burn off the turf. Wait till after having a heavy rainfall, or water the yard before implementing. One more reason behind yellow spots may be your pet dog utilising the yard as his private toilet place. If you fail to keep him off the yard, try and water across the urine before it burns.

There are an array of other conditions that will ruin the appearance of the lawn. In moist shade, patches of moss can easily take control. This could be repaired by raking out your moss frequently, or growing a shade tolerant grass instead of whatever is currently there. Any weeds growing within the yard, for example clover and dandelions are best handled manually whenever you notice them pulling. Try to meet the opening with a few grass seed, if you eliminate the weed, or you also could have got a brand new bud growing there in the blink of an attention.

This information will assist you in finding a lush green lawn, even though you aren’t used to gardening. By focusing to the requirements of your own yard and using the nright equiptment such as the garden groomer, it’s simple to become the envy of your own community, and even what’s more, you’ll have a splendid outside area to contact your own.

The Ideal Travel Guide to Thailand With over 20 methods and ideas for what to do

Are you really thinking about taking a vacation? You should billigste rejser til thailand and encounter the great thing about the state and also the folks first-hand. There are lots of things to do and sceneries to find in the South-east Asian nation. The people themselves also are a beauty inside their very own manner, and interacting with them will undoubtedly be considered a delight. You can find almost everything in Thailand, from one of the most well preserved cultures in the whole world now to exotic foods and plant and animal species.

Thailand is among the residence for tourism attraction throughout the whole world. This is a really wonderful country known for its shopping destinations and recherche night-life, Thailand tourism can inculcate an experience that’s unforgettable. Muang Thai-that might be the known local dialect. It is really an exotic country with lustrous landscapes, beautiful beaches and tactical hills and goodlooking rice fields, valleys and dense jungles. Bangkok it self is a modern city together with amazing scenery. If you happen to be Thailand, the primary destination is generally Bangkok. Before you have a bus or train or even a rental car to other destinations, maneuver around Bangkok and experience Thailand’s culture first hand.

That will be the best time for you to see Thailand?

Nevertheless, one can go over the country any time but the optimum time to see Thailand especially for tourism purposes is throughout the cold weather seasons; that is just about November looping to February. The climate in this time is suitably cooler and drier.

Great web sites to see and things you can do in Thailand

1. Thai Massage

Among the most famous things connected with Thailand is the Thai massage. It really is unlike any other massage. The truth is, it’s impossible to get it done absolutely somewhere else than the way it is done by the Thai people. The Thai believe that there are lines of energy that run through your system. Therefore, what the Thai masseur does is to unblock any blockages which could exist in the lines. Now the exciting thing is how the massage is done. The masseur uses hands, feet, elbows, heels, and knees to get the energy flowing freely all around the human body. At the last part of the massage, you feel relaxed and energized, like you are in heaven. A Thai massage is just a must-do if you happen to be Thailand. In addition, there are other types of pampering; they contain Swedish massage, Aromatherapy, Foot massage, and Oil massage.

2. The Spa ResortsThis is just yet another destination, which can be one of the excellent resorts in the whole world. The truth is, they are the resorts in Thailand that you ought not miss seeing while within this country. That’s right; Thailand is one of the highest-standing spa destinations on the planet, with state of the art spa resorts.

3. Great stores

This state is, in addition, a shopping paradise for many individuals on earth. Have a bit of the Thai culture with you by purchasing handicrafts crafted the Thai manner for adornment and reminiscing. Also, buy the simple yet brilliant Thai cloths and robes made in silk, the type that you only get to see in movies. Advice for the shopper, go shopping through the night. The Thai markets come to life through the night, and you will find all types of goods, the majority of which cannot be seen during the day. Thailand can be internationally famous for the overgenerous and many large departmental stores and travelers, celebrities inclusive, quite often carry with them tremendous tons of bags, of shopped items from the nation. Bangkok is known as the shoppers’ eden due to how well it’s suffused with dazzling lights, modern facilities, and sybaritic shopping stops.

4. Enjoy the Thai dishes and cuisines in great restaurants

Thai dishes and cuisine are , in addition, a delicacy. Restaurant chains are broadly accessible Bangkok and the rest of the state. You will get western food along with Thailand’s traditional dishes. A few of the very popular restaurants are MK, Coca, Fuji, Yum Saap, and S&P. You can dine in the roads in the midst of the city buzz, in case you are yet seeking something a little extraordinary. The dishes cooked within the streets are delicious and as great as people prepared in the restaurants are and hygiene can also be accentuated both by the sellers and the authorities. Food is, in addition, comparatively affordable, and you also can wind up spending less than 5$ in a day on food.

5. The Entire Moon Party

In the event that you enjoy partying then you’ll like this. There’s a party in Thailand called the FULL MOON PARTY, arguably probably the most popular party in the world. Until the sun comes up on a beach in Haat Rin, Koh Phangan party alongside thousands of individuals from all walks of life.

6. Thai temples

Thai temples are situated everywhere within the city, and are available to tourists too, even though on some conditions. You will get to see the famous Buddha’s and the monks first hand. You however must be decently dressed, making certain that you cove shoulders and knees, but usually prevent open cloths. Still, you can walk across the temple compound in shoes but you will need to simply take them off before going into the temple.

Advice to the girls, keep a distance between you and the monks. Among the things monks tries to watch closely is segregation of women, and it is better to respect this aspect. Also if possible, do not offer them cash, it really is viewed as disrespect, and in case you have to give anything to them do it indirectly, either through yet another man or by placing it on the earth. That is not all; you will locate a “spirit house” in every home or shop not only in Bangkok but also within the whole of Thailand in general.

7. The jungle trekkingAmong the must do when you happen to be Thailand is jungle trekking. Thailand has a lot of tropical woods with a broad range of animal and plant species also. Have a hike round the jungles and meet up with the hill tribes and you may be guaranteed to be taken back by the wonder of the organization and living style.

8. Scuba-diving

Scuba diving can be a popular activity in Thailand. It’s especially popular in Kao Tao Island, that is mainly visited by scuba divers, so you can be sure to meet other people sharing your interests. Scuba diving is nonetheless not limited to this island, you will be able to find other sweet spots for scuba diving all over the country, like in the Similan islands.

In regards to wildlife, visit Khao Yai National Park, Thailand’s first national park and get to see elephants and tigers among other wildlife animals. You do not really get to see tigers very regularly; they are in reality a rare species. Here you usually do not only really get to see them; if you are fortunate, you can really get to see a monk socializing with the immense killer beasts! It is genuinely a beautiful and breathtaking sight.

Waterfalls are also a common sight in Thailand. The best places to view waterfalls are:
— The Heo Suwat waterfall in Khao Yai national park.– The 11-tiered Pa Manhunter u waterfalls in Kaeng Krachan National Park.

10. Enjoy Beaches and sports

Go Thailand and see how it is boastful known for its beautiful water bodies and attractive beaches, which also facilitates various athletic activities like boating, surfing, swimming, skating, water cycling, Acqua driving, just to name a few. Popular billet holding beaches like Hat <>Patong, Hat Kalim, Karon, Paton, and Hat Kamala beaches are available. In addition, there are many adventure games like Scuba diving, and Para gliding which could become a rare life experience to several men and women within this the world.

11. Ayurveda and SpaYou may be allowed to investigate the pleasure of Ayurveda treatment, spa, and massage through Thailand packages. The spa and massage facilities of Thailand have been rated the finest worldwide and will replenish your soul and body enthusiastically.

12. A recherche Nightlife

Thailand will make nocturnally wild animal. Bangkok package brings forth revelries of discotheques, pubs and clubs. Bangkok area is solemnly fascinating as it is said a tourist can’t afford to waste even one click of the clock’s second-hand, sleeping amidst this contagious feeling. Pattaya is also known as a major holiday destination offering lavish bars, hotels, restaurants, and casinos for the merrymakers.

13. Exploring history and hills

Thailand’s natural sceneries are bouncing credible and hypnotizing particularly bird’seye hills of Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai. Mountains are evergreen and wonderful jungles that bring the explorers and wildlife enthusiasts. Ayutthaya and Sukhothai are cities known for their important historic ruins while Kanchanaburi is significant for the World War II touch.

14. Wrestle a Crocodile at Crocodile Farm and the Samphran Elephant

The Samphran Elephant Ground and Zoo are one of the finest and refined families passive to have around. It has the Elephant Theme Show – a – vis: the Crocodile Wrestling Show along with exciting shows vis. Watch stuntmen because they fantastically command the animal activities that can make you believe the day is as usual really brief at the edge of the seat.

15. Prepare as a Thai Kick boxer

You’re going to have the ability to see the kickboxing fight after a while; you can ask yourself whether you’re ready to attend some training to yourself. There are a bunch of sites that facilitate for Muay Thai camps; this trains you to truly be a great kick boxer. There are rather many schools that may suits you in the optimization; all you require would be to hunt what is suitable for your need. Some do charge hourly while the others are simply camps-a place where you’ll train for a little while and stay in their own accommodations and you pay later:

i) Fairtex Bangplee: 1,100 THB per day and up.
2) Chacrit Muay Thai School: 800 THB each hour.

vehicle. It is an exhilarating approach to travel by catching a Thai style tuk-tuk from any place you go. Nevertheless, having ridden in a tuk tuk has lots of times, remember they’re not the comfortable kind of known transport and also to me; I usually do not like the way your field of view by the wayside is limited by the lowly covered ceiling.

Traveling Southeast Asia, you may in the course of time run into Khao San Road, and you will conclude to yourself whether you like what you have seen or perhaps not. This road is exceptional. There’s also availability of substantially used English, an abundance of street shopping, many astonishing options all over, and too much nightlife that never stay. Believe you me, spend time in Khao San in the event you have been looking to take the young backpacker and energized environment, never ever will you give to a dull moment.

18. Jam to Live Music

Lots of people are fans of Thai music, there is certainly plenty of the music under many categories, some of which are referred to as Brick Bar-or RCA. The option of Western-like music; live music pubs like Saxophone Pub and Brown Sugar. Everything you want would be to pick your style and head out to fabulously amuse your self in the night time hour, jamming to Bangkok’s live music!

19. Shop till you drop at MBK

The massive shopping maze is characterized by hordes of shoppers and vendors, attempting to sell everything less than one roof from mobile phones to Thai souvenirs, a lively food court that serves all forms of Thai dishes is known as MBK. It truly is located just outside the National Stadium, BTS station. 444 Phayathai Rd, Patumwan, and Bangkok, Thailand.

20. See the Crowds at Erawan Shrine

There is certainly among the most well-known shrines in Bangkok in the corner of the luxury Grand Hyatt Erawan hotel in Bangkok. This is really a Hindu associated shrine; it is dedicated to Brahma believed to be showing an everlasting flow of local Thai’s. Occasionally hosts Thai traditional dancers throughout their performances. It’s among probably the most fascinating things to be seen in Bangkok because
To conclude, travel to Thailand; experience all this, and far more in what’s undoubtedly a wonderful land.

Salt-water Flyfishing Vacations after salmon and trout in Ak

Flyfishing is really a fast growing sport, today. To be able to enjoy flyfishing acations, most people go to places like Belize, Bahamas, Christmas Island, Costa Rica, Cuba, Kenya, Seychelles and enezuela. These places provide a great enironment for flyfishing vacations using their large number of inland wetlands. Several lodges and hotels ie with each other to pacify the tourists’ appetite for saltwater flyfishing. Bonefish, Barracuda, Enable, Juenile Tarpon, Sharks are the kind of bass that rewards an opportunistic fisher. Seasonal catches include Marlin, Sailfish, Dorado, Wahoo and Tuna all caught with fishing flies salmon

Bonefish may be the primary objective with its huge aailability. Flyfishing understand practices of angling and enables one to fine tune. Whether a noice or a seasoned expert, the encounter proides probably the most relaxing holiday. Mostly, fishing is carried out from skiffs. Most hotels hae nicely maintained skiffs furnished with padded seats, leaning backrests and bars. They een mortgage rods and reels cost free. Howeer,wading possibilities are also aailable. Fishing can be achieved either with a guide or solely. Those that are adenturous favor non guided angling from canoes and kayaks. This may be both exciting and ambitious. Dozens of locations that hae salt-water flyfishing holiday spots proide amazing meals, stylish enironment and the highly required comfort for the fishermen to remain.
Bahamas is the planet’s capital in Bonefish. It proides a great location for fly-fishing holidaying. It includes Andros South as well as the Abaco.Next comes the Belize fishing holidays. This really is distinctive alone because of its biggest island Ambergris Caye.This houses the world’s second largest barrier reef and is an ideal place for saltwater sportfishing. The Turneffe Atol gives incredible area for angling. It guarantees dierse and amazing sea enironment and encounter and is ery close to Belize town. Quepos in Cost Rica is found within the Pacific coastline in the western front. An off-shore shelf that runs simultaneous to this coastline,it is a great fishing area. This region abounds in Sailfish and Marlin.The Guide Antonio National Park along side is an extra sight to see. Tarpon fishing is abundant about the carribean shoreline in the mouth of Barra del Colorado.
Xmas Island, 1200miles South of Hawaii and located north of Equator is easily the most perfect spot for traely and bonefish fishing. The climate here remains consistent throughout the season. This makes the location a superb spot to bass and is-it. Cuba coers the best salt-water fishing regions. Cayo Romano has ast migratory Tarpons.For saltwater bonefishing, Las Salinas is definitely an unknown fly-fishing zone. Cayo Largo is another fishing location. The Jardines de La Reina and the Isla de La Juentud are the sister worries for bonefishing. For seasonal fishing,Eastern coast of Kenya is the best option. While the sailfish abounds in October-Noember,Marlin’s season is February to March.Oerlooking the Indian Sea might be the Manda Bay on the Lamu Islands of Kenya.Seychelles promises the greatest and exclusie salt-water angling acation using its wide range of exotic arieties. Los Roques in caribbean Archipelago is the planet’s best fishing holiday spot.

Det skal bestilles nu.


Nu sidder vi godt nok stadig og kan grille ude haven lidt endnu, men jeg tror, at vi alle sammen godt er klar over at vinteren kommer snigende lige så stille og roligt. Da jeg godt kan huske hvor mange timer jeg brugte ude på vores fortorv og i vores indkørsel med at skovle sne, så skal der bare ske noget andet i år.

Nu er der jo ingen som ved om vi får sne i de mængder som vi fik sidste år, men nu vil jeg altså bestille nogen til at stå for snerydning hjemme hos os, da jeg ikke lægger krop til al det slid igen. Nu har jeg jeg foreløbig kontaktet firmaer for at få en pris på det og de har begge to været meget flinke og priserne er faktisk ret overkommelige. Det gode ved disse ordninger er også, ar der skal jo ikke betales for noget de dage hvor der igen sne kommer. Jeg kan også spare lidt penge på, at jeg selv salter bagefter dem.



Nogen der ved hvad den hurtigste måde man kan sætte en modspiller skakmat er?